Eturnity is committed to the environment

Looking beyond work to the environment

Because protecting the climate is our mission...

At Eturnity, we are working together on a mission to do our part for the transition to renewable energy. However, we also work on something else – namely, minimizing our footprint as a team.

That’s why at Eturnity, we adhere to mutually agreed upon guidelines in our daily work:
Mindful at work

This is what we pay attention to in the team

Environmentally friendly on the road

For customer visits or other travels, we only use public transport or e-mobility. We avoid flights or compensate the CO2consumption.

Green electricity

Our offices use the electricity package “Öko Plus”, which is 100% renewable energy.

Recycled material

We also offer marketing material online, if possible. If printing cannot be avoided, then we only print on recycled paper.

Avoid paper

We avoid printing as much as possible. We are opponents of unnecessary paperwork and prefer to work digitally.

Beyond work

  • portrait-anita-roth-hr-business-administration-team-eturnity-eng
    I pay attention to regionality in purchasing as well as traveling. I am also a member of Greenpeace.
    Anita Roth
    HR / Business Administration
  • portrait-roger-rutter-en
    I entrust my savings to a bank that is committed to sustainable investment. Whenever possible, I travel by public transport and try to reduce my meat consumption as much as possible.
    Roger Sutter
    VP Sales DACH
Teambuilding with Purpose

We Are Making a Difference Together

Our recent Teamdays event in St. Gallen was a showcase of teamwork and dedication. Together, we tackled the challenge of invasive blackberry species at the Stauberhof nature reserve. Our collective efforts are focused on restoring biodiversity by managing these invasive plants and promoting the growth of beneficial new vegetation.

This initiative underscores our deep commitment to ecological responsibility. By actively combating invasive species, we safeguard native plant and animal habitats, thereby fostering a healthier and more resilient ecosystem. Engaging directly with these environmental challenges allows us to develop and implement effective, sustainable solutions.

Below are some highlights from the event, demonstrating our team's commitment to making a significant environmental impact.

The team behind

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