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What you should know about Eturnity

What drives us is a product resulting from our own experience. A passionate cooperation at eye level. A passionate cooperation at eye level. A mission to support the energy revolution. Happy customers who tell us all about their success.


This is Eturnity

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We create and leverage high-quality technology to make and pursue our own decision in order to reach our clients’, our company’s and our personal goals.
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We involve all stakeholders when we make decisions towards sustainability, with actions adapted to the global markets dynamic.
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Tolerance & Respect

We accept everyone’s needs, opinions and personal circumstances, without any form of judgement.
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One Company

We work together on our unique solution based on a common vision and common goals.
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Enabling others

We build solutions to enable our clients’ customer’s energy-transition.


The idea behind Eturnity

From his own experience, founder Matthias Wiget knew the time required from the sales pitch to the consultation process to the installation of a solar system was far too high. Therefore, he looked for a solution to this problem.

After an unsuccessful search, he decided, together with Peter Novotny, to develop a software solution to improve the marketing of renewable energies. It should not only help the distributors to minimize their efforts, but also offer the end customer a simple understanding of the costs, benefits and implementation of the projects. This is how the software tools were first developed for the solar industry, and then for the heating industry.


The vision behind Eturnity

Today, a team with different backgrounds, nationalities and core competencies is working to further advance the Eturnity solution.

What connects us? We want to make a positive contribution to the energy transition which is why we include feedback from renewable energy companies and their customers equally.

We now have over 500 customers throughout Europe, and we are constantly adding new customers and partners to our customer base, who accompany us on the road to a successful energy transition.


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Our history

  • 2012The foundation

    Matthias Wiget tackles his idea and founded Eturnity AG, together with Remo Müller, Nicolas Bernold and Samuel Baumgartner.
  • 2012-2014Sale of photovoltaic systems

    The Eturnity team studies the processes intensively by selling and installing photovoltaic systems.
  • 2014Further development

    Matthias Wiget brings Peter Novotny on board with his ideas and knowledge, the development of the Eturnity solution begins.
  • 2015Live with Solar Expert and Solar Calculator

    The Eturnity Solar solution goes on the market and gets its first customers from Switzerland.
  • 2017First international customer

    Eturnity has managed to enter markets outside of Switzerland.
  • 2018Live with Heating Calculator

    In addition to the Solar Calculator, the Heating Calculator was successfully implemented.
  • 2019Live with Heating Expert

    The Eturnity product range is extended to include the Heating Expert.
  • 2020New Eturnity board of directors

    The Eturnity team is growing. The new board of directors consist of Walter Steinmann, Kurt Lüscher and Arnold Marty.
  • 2021Configurator for e-charging stations goes live

    The E-Mobility Configurator is the first customizable configurator of Eturnity AG.
  • 2022Going Live with Price Comparison

    We are going live with price comparison and the Eturnity partner network with our development partner Solarmarkt.
  • 2023Completion of a Series A Funding Round of 8 Million Francs

  • 2023Internationalization

    Establishment of local teams in France, Italy, Spain, and the UK.
  • 2024Our Team is Growing

    Eturnity employs 100 people for the first time.

A Team of over 20 Nations

Meet the Eturnity team, dedicated to the shared mission of simplifying the day-to-day work of renewable energy companies.

Who we have already convinced

A selection of our customers

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They have awarded us

We would say that what distinguishes the team and the work behind Eturnity is transparency, dynamism, versatility and perhaps also the following awards:
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