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PV*SOL / Valentin Software, Solar.Pro.Tool, Polysun, Aurora Solar & Co.

Find the right provider

Solar Calculator and PV planning tools in a competitive comparison

Thanks to solar calculators and PV planning tools, new customers are acquired, customer consulting is facilitated, and the effort required to prepare an offer is reduced. There are various providers, which makes the selection difficult. We at Eturnity also offer suitable products with our Solar Calculator and Solar Expert. In the following, we do not want to make a comparison with the competition, but rather, give you some input on how to find the right offer for you.

1. what do you need?

Are you just looking for a solar calculator? Or do you need a better planning tool? Or do you need a complete solution that supports you from marketing, consulting and quoting, to project planning?

Which individual functions are important to you?

Create a list of functions (e.g. compiled from different solutions, what you already use and what your employees want) and divide them into “must have”, “would be important” and “would be nice.” Even a “can’t do” helps. Consult your customer advisors: they are more likely to know what is really necessary and what could be important. Also talk to the marketing department, because a good solar calculator in particular is worth its weight in gold when it comes to marketing.

Experience shows that free or very inexpensive tools rarely meet your needs: fixed data, prices and products, inaccurate satellite material, complicated operation, no branding, not customer-friendly, etc.

So, think about which compromises you really want to make!

2. Compare & test

Once you have found suitable candidates based on the list of functions, you should definitely take the time for extensive testing.

This is especially important for planning tools, which can be time-consuming to set up. Haben Sie sich im Nachhinein nämlich falsch entschieden, ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit größer, dass Sie bleiben, auch wenn das Produkt eigentlich nicht passt.

Our explanations below will help you ask the right questions.

3. Important decision criteria for solar calculator, PV planning tool and CRM

To our knowledge, there is no other provider besides Eturnity that offers a Solar Calculator, quote tool, project planning, and customer management all linked together. You would have to choose individual components from different providers and ensure the perfect interaction yourself. By the way, this was one of the reasons why Eturnity AG developed its comprehensive, and at the same time, flexible offers.

Back to the decision criteria:

Criteria Solar Calculator

Possible applications as a marketing tool
As a component of your website, the solar calculator contributes to a better SEO, but above all, offers interested parties the possibility to inform themselves about the possible PV project at any time.

The solar calculator should be mobile, e.g. for use on a tablet, as a support for your customer advisors at trade fairs or for personal advice on site. If the person who fills in the form leaves their e-mail address, e.g. to receive the result as a PDF, this is a lead for you that you can follow up on.
Range of functions
  • Can your data, prices, or products be stored?
  • Which map material will be used? Only satellite images? Or even Swisstopo (like Eturnity), which offers better images, calculates the solar potential, and already pre-fills roof mass, pitch, and orientation so that certain information does not have to be entered at all.
  • What is taken into account, e.g. modules from different manufacturers, storage solutions/solar batteries, self-consumption, heating and domestic water, the local electricity tariff, service life, etc.? Or even Swisstopo (as with Eturnity), which provides better images, calculates solar potential, and pre-fills roof mass, pitch, and orientation, so certain information doesn't even need to be entered.
  • What is taken into account, e.g. modules from different manufacturers, storage solutions/solar batteries, self-consumption, heating and domestic water, the local electricity tariff, service life, etc.?
  • If different products/scenarios are compared, e.g. different solar modules or storage solutions?
  • Are inputs on heating/utilization options also given out?
  • How easy is it to integrate on the website?
  • Can you integrate your colors and logo?
  • Does the name or even the logo of the provider appear very present?
  • Very important: do you receive the contact details of the person filling in the form, e.g. if they want the result sent to them as a PDF?
  • Can you connect the solar calculator to "downstream" systems, e.g. connect a customer management tool or your PV planning tool? Transferring this data saves a lot of time! The Eturnity solar calculator can be used for example. connect to other systems via interfaces.

  • With many solar calculators, you can only have a small say or store your own values. This doesn't have to be a bad thing, but keep in mind that prospective customers may feel deceived if the solar calculator result differs too much from your subsequent quote.
    Simple operation, understandable result
    The solar calculator should be simple and require as little information as possible. This makes it more likely that the computer will be played through to the end and will be remembered positively.

    An understandable and attractive presentation is also important for the result. Can the interested party, for example. also send him a PDF, he will have important documents from YOUR company with him and you will receive his email address and be able to process the lead further.

    It is best to test the solar calculator by yourself or by a customer service representative, but also by a layman.
    Information for interested parties
    What information is output? E. G.:

  • Information on income, costs and amortization
  • Self-consumption, info on the storage system, feed-in
  • Info or even comparisons of modules, storage solutions, etc.

  • How is it presented?

  • How clear and intuitive is the result?
  • Is it confusing tables or even full text, or understandable diagrams and illustrations?
  • Can the prospect get it as a PDF or download it? Is your company information there?
  • Does this result in a lead for you, e.g. by the prospect providing her email address?
  • Criteria PV planning tool

    What do you need besides the solar calculator?
    Additional functions can facilitate lead processing, but especially the preparation of offers and project planning. So be sure to take a look at your existing processes and tools currently in use and consider where there is room for improvement. Some examples:

  • Customer contacts are gained, but then not followed up properly
  • The preparation of a quotation is usually immensely time-consuming.
  • Offers are often simply unaesthetic, confusing and difficult to understand due to complexity
  • It is difficult for them to offer the customer different scenarios, e.g. comparison of different battery systems, different system sizes, optimal self-consumption, etc.
  • Project planning is tedious and may not even meet your current needs. The matching of the individual customer project to your products etc. is time-consuming
  • Integrated customer management
    What options are there with regard to customer management? For example, can you store correspondence, plan the project, etc.? What possibilities are there to connect the other internally used tools to your used CRM?
    Improved quotation
    Quotation tools allow to create faster and better quotations. For example, the following is possible with the solar expert:

  • Data from the solar calculator is transferred to the expert. On the one hand, this minimizes your effort, since no data has to be transferred, and on the other hand, it allows your employees to create a comprehensive quote with different scenarios in about 15 minutes. Project planning and quoting are interrelated.
  • You have directly created a matching customer, with info about the customer, the project, the planning etc.
  • You store your used products, purchase prices and margins in the component library, which you have access to for each project
  • Calculated are e.g. Potential assessment, load profile, storage solutions, self-consumption and much more.
  • Local peculiarities, such as the respective power supplier are taken into account
  • Clear offer, understandable and in your design (logo, color...) and recommendations/comparison for specific products

  • Again, go over everything with someone on your customer service team and ask a layperson, especially regarding the presentation of the quotes.

    On the solar expert's site, you will find a demo video of how easy quoting can be, as well as a sample before/after comparison of a quote.
    Project planning
    The PV planning tool is important for the preparation of the offers, accordingly the already described points of a meaningful offer should be considered. Besides that, the tool is also helpful for the detailed planning of the project. For example, the Eturnity solar expert can:

  • visualize, dimension and generally plan the solar system and is easy to use
  • All information on load profiles, potential estimation, costs, etc. is taken into account
  • Selection of different satellite maps from various providers, including Swisstopo
  • Access your individual component library
  • to your predefined load profiles, but it also allows individual load profiles, depending on the project

  • Especially here it is important that the planning tool fits your offer, let us show you exactly your possibilities and also test your employee base.

    Provider conditions

    The price structure
    Often, cost is one of the most difficult items to compare, as the scope of services varies and prices compound differently. So there may be:

  • a set-up fee
  • a basic fee to which further costs for each application of the computer are added
  • only one annual license fee
  • also the support can be charged, ask for conditions (are already simple questions charged or only more complex things, what hourly rate is charged?)
  • or similar

  • Consider this:
  • What do you expect - How often is the calculator used?
  • How much do the current or alternative tools cost? Also take into account switching costs
  • Which tool saves you the most time and thus costs? Important here are the ease of use and how well your processes are reflected
  • Can you only "book" individual functions or do you have to take the complete package and to what extent does it fit with your existing solutions?

  • Do not immediately take the supposedly cheapest provider, but decide only after an intensive comparison and be sure to use the demo versions that many providers allow. A solution that suits you and really saves time and nerves is usually worth much more than the few francs that the other option may be cheaper.
    Conditions and termination
    Check for example:

  • Term/When can you cancel and how (e.g. 3 months before renewal, anytime)?
  • What happens if you want to cancel during the term, e.g. annual licenses?
  • What happens to the customer data? Do you get the copy, can it be transferred to another system, and how much time is left for that?
  • Will the data then also be deleted at the provider?
  • How do you pay - One time? Monthly? Are there different models that allow a discount (e.g. discount for immediate payment)?

  • Also pay attention to whether a so-called lock-in effect can occur. This means that switching involves a lot of effort, so you stay with the tool even though it doesn't fit at all. This can be e.g. happen if you can't take your customer data with you or you have to completely change your processes to the new solution.
    A tiresome, but unfortunately all the more important topic!

  • Where does the supplier come from - Switzerland, Austria, America or even China? Depending on this, the data protection guidelines of Switzerland are not fulfilled. With customers from abroad, you may also have to comply with the guidelines of their countries!
  • Where is the data (e.g. customer data) stored - With you, with the provider? And if so, where at the provider and is this compatible with the applicable data protection rules?
  • Can the provider tap the data without permission, or at worst use it for his own purposes?
  • To what extent do you need to adapt your privacy policy?
  • Who takes care of backups? Do you have to (and possibly can!)?
  • How completely can data of customers be deleted, e.g. in the case of a delete job?
  • Support
  • Does the support cost extra or is it included?
  • How can support be reached, do you have your own contact person?
  • How quickly does support respond?
  • Is there help online, e.g. in the form of FAQs, is information provided on the blog, are there tips?
  • Other decision points

  • Where is the provider located? Are there personal contacts in your region? You may prefer a national contact over an international one.
  • How long has the provider been around?
  • For foreign solutions: Does it fit your country, e.g., currency adjustments, appropriate maps, local electricity rates, etc.?
  • Customer references
    How well are the product and provider received?
  • View customer testimonials and reference projects, if applicable, on the provider's website. Which customers does he already serve?
  • Are there test reports on other websites or trade magazines?
  • Are there any other reports about the provider?
  • Look for other opinions e.g. in forums or e.g. also the Google reviews
  • Further development / bug fixes
    Software like this needs to be developed and maintained - so ask:

  • How quickly are bugs fixed and applied to your updates? Does this happen automatically or do you have to perform updates yourself?
  • Will the product be developed further and what else is planned? Does this affect the price, i.e. are there regular price increases when new functions are added?
  • To what extent are customers' inputs for additional functions taken into account, perhaps even implemented individually?
  • More tools for heating, e-mobility, etc.
    Presumably, you offer not only solar systems, but also services for heating or electromobility, for example. A few providers integrate these services into their offer. At Eturnity, for example, there are. the heating calculator and expert, which are compatible with the solar expert.

    The main providers of solar calculators and PV planning tools

    The following is a list of providers that already exist on the market. We have tried to describe the performance as neutrally and roughly as possible and given a few hints. Most providers have focused on planning tools and, if necessary, quoting and CRM.

    PV*SOL from Valentin Software

    V.a. PV planning software, as basic or premium, with the possibility to store specific values. Check to what extent it supports you in customer consulting and quoting and whether the tool can be connected to your own systems (e.g. CRM). The provider is from Germany.
    To the PV*SOL website


    Software that primarily supports the planning of your customer project. Also, check here to what extent the tool supports you in making offers and the connection to your systems. The provider comes from Austria.
    To the Solar.Pro.Tool website

    AURORA Solar

    Focus: mainly the planning of solar systems, but they also offer a quotation tool – check here how well your offer is mapped and how understandable everything is for the end customer. E-mobility can also be considered. It is a provider from the USA, but data is probably stored in Europe, support is available in German, French, and English.
    To the website of aurora solar


    Enables comprehensive planning of energy systems of buildings and even whole quarters. Offer function is only rudimentary, also, the connection to your systems needs to be checked. Provider from Switzerland.
    To the POLYSUN website

    Manufacturer tools Solarapp / Solaredge / Fronius / K2

    Manufacturer tools, e.g. from K2, Solaredge, Solarapp (Megasol) offer functions for lead generation and PV planning tools with individual cost calculation – but they serve to distribute the supplier’s hardware. However, this means that the installer loses their independence. They are also more technically oriented and less customer friendly, limited customization to your own CI/CD. Also, check if it is compatible with your ERP systems.

    IBC Solar Power Calculator & PV Manager

    Offers both, but you should check to what extent it reflects your own products and prices. Apparently it is only conditionally adaptable to your CI/CD. Provider from Germany.
    To the IBC Manager Tool website


    Ostensibly offers a quoting tool and CRM and invoicing functions. Also, check the planning tool, currently there is no component library and various parameters have to be entered manually each time. Apparently it is only conditionally adaptable to your CI/CD. Provider from the USA.
    To the SolarLogics website


    Somewhat more comprehensive offering with quote tool, project management and CRM. But be sure to check how well it maps your processes. Provider from the USA.
    To the SunbaseData website

    Last but not least:
    Eturnity’s Solar Calculator and Expert

    What makes Eturnity solutions unique is that we offer a complete, seamless and optimized process chain - From the solar calculator (as a lead acquisition and consulting solution), to the quick creation of understandable offers, the easy planning of PV systems as well as a CRM.

    You can put together what you need and what you don’t need: the products are modular and very easy to connect to other systems. They are also compatible with our heating tools. This enables a combination of different technologies, such as ZEV, district heating and e-mobility.

    With all of the points mentioned so far, based on our customer feedback, our products offer the following criteria that played a big role in our decision:

    1. High usability:
  • At a company level
  • At a customer level

  • 2. Greatest possible individualization through:
  • Adaptation to your CI/CD
  • Storing your own products, data, costs, etc.

  • Are you interested in more information and details, visit our pages of the solar calculator and expert.

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    This is what our customers say

    • logo-meyer-burger
      "Meyer Burger faces the challenging task of establishing itself as a leading cell and module manufacturer among end customers and installers within a very short amount of time. With Eturnity's solar calculator, we can offer our end customers an excellent service and help them to estimate their solar power potential in an uncomplicated way. In addition, we provide our specialist partners with qualified leads, thereby strengthening customer loyalty."
      Moritz Borgmann
      Meyer Burger
    • I now have fewer interfaces in the roof system sales division. Personnel capacities can thus be deployed elsewhere, and time savings of up to 75 percent can be achieved by the time it takes to prepare a quotation, even while on the road at the customer's premises.
      Niko Mack
      actensys GmbH
    • The demand for PV systems is very high and growing. With the software from Eturnity we have already received a lot of contacts and, above all, we have also been able to generate orders. The creation of (indicative) offers is very quick and easy. The customer receives an attractive PDF document via Eturnity.
    • With the integration of Eturnity Solar Calculator and Solar Expert, we have taken an important step. Our processes are more customer-oriented and effective, and customers feel that.
      Manfred Lein
      aurora Solar GmbH
    • With Eturnity, we have ultimately been able to establish an excellent tool for the simple and efficient preparation of offers in Germany for our customer group of energy supply companies since 2018. The time required for the preparation of offers is able to be reduced to 15-20 minutes with the use of the software, while the success rate for completed contracts has been significantly increased for many companies.
      Oliver Kasper
      BayWa r.e. Solar Energy Systems GmbH, Germany
    We have convinced you

    This is what our customers say

    • logo-meyer-burger
      "Meyer Burger faces the challenging task of establishing itself as a leading cell and module manufacturer among end customers and installers within a very short amount of time. With Eturnity's solar calculator, we can offer our end customers an excellent service and help them to estimate their solar power potential in an uncomplicated way. In addition, we provide our specialist partners with qualified leads, thereby strengthening customer loyalty."
      Moritz Borgmann
      Meyer Burger
    • Eturnity’s software made it much easier for me, as a newcomer to photovoltaics, to get started in the industry. I was ready to work from the first day and could immediately take care of the customers.
      Patrik Hauser
      Hauser Solutions GmbH
    • From now on, it will take less than three minutes to obtain a simple, global-based cost estimate: cost price, yield, production, CO2 savings, etc. Based on these elements, a very precise quotation will then be drawn up
      Alain Neuwerth
      SEIC-Télédis- Gruppe
    • Eturnity AG’s products are simple and targeted, and the company provides well-coordinated support.
      Christ-Andri Hassler
      hassler energia alternativa ag

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