K2 Base Meets Eturnity

Two Giants, One Vision

K2 Base Meets Eturnity

Two Giants, One Vision

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Successfully realizing the energy transition together

This vision combines Eturnity as a leading software provider for selling, dimensioning and implementing PV systems, heating systems and e-mobility with the substructure product leader K2. K2 not only manufactures first-class UK products but also sets standards in digital solutions with its K2 Base planning tool. Our ground-breaking interface lets you seamlessly transfer solar projects to K2 Base in seconds, offering you maximum efficiency and ease of use.

Partnership that Guarantees Increased Efficiency

The combination of Eturnity and K2 Systems opens up completely new horizons for the planning of PV projects. Project data from the PV project created by the Eturnity solar expert using 3D layouts can now be transferred to K2 Base at the click of a mouse. Thanks to this connection, error-free data transfer is quick and easy. The technical validation is carried out in the K2 Base. The determined material list, including prices, is then sent back to Eturnity Solarexperte.

Simplifying the installer's work

With Eturnity, the installer retains his independence. They can continue to work with their usual Eturnity expert solution while relying on the UK expertise of K2. K2 and Eturnity stand for open digital solutions. Our revolutionary interface redefines the standards of solar project planning. Seize the opportunity and be one of the pioneers leading this change.

Your next big step

Get ready to take your solar projects to the next level. With Eturnity and K2 Systems at your side, you're well-equipped for a bright future. It's time to make big things happen!

We have a special treat for all those who want to delve deeper into the subject matter:

Discover our Managing Director Matthias Wiget's presentation from the last Intersolar trade fair. There, he shared valuable insights and further information on the interface with K2 Base. A must for anyone interested in the details of our innovative solutions!


Questions about the Eturnity Software and the K2 Base integration

Frequently asked questions about the Eturnity Solar Expert and K2 Base

1The user already imported the K2 components into the BOM and changed the 3D Layouting afterward. How can the user avoid that the already imported K2 components are getting changed?
The user will get an information text on the 3D Layouting: “You have changed your mounting system in the 3D Layouting! Please be informed that a K2 collective position is currently being used on your Bill of Material. If you change the mounting system, your K2 collective position will be removed. How can the user display the imported K2 bill of material in the Eturnity Expert quotation?
2How can the user display the imported K2 bill of material in the Eturnity Expert quotation?
The K2 bill of material is shown as a collective position in Eturnity Expert. The user can decide whether they want each sub-position to be shown in detail and with a price on the quotation.
3The user has not yet created the K2 components in his Eturnity Expert library. Will they still be included in the project when the K2 bill of material is imported?
Yes, when importing, the user can decide whether the items that have not been created should also be created in their library in addition to the project.