Digital communication channel in multi-level sales

Cost-effectively open up the digital communication channel to installation partners and thus increase your sales success

Your installation partners under constant pressure

Are you a manufacturer, supplier or wholesaler of products in the photovoltaic sector?

Your challenges

Then you certainly know the current challenges in the PV market

Your installation partners are flooded with inquiries

Your installation partners are flooded with inquiries due to the high demand at present. However, their consulting process is often not set up in a customer-friendly and efficient enough manner to handle this flood.

Prices and availability quickly become outdated

Fluctuating prices, availability or even outdated product data sheets lead to many discussions between installation partners and your office staff. Your installation partners need to continuously check the latest prices, availabilities and delivery times in your web shop and transfer these to their quoting tool. This leads to a high level of coordination for you and your installation partners.

High consulting effort in the office

Some installation partners relatively often require your assistance in designing the mounting system or dimensioning inverters or battery storage systems. This leads to a high level of effort in the office.

Too little customer friendliness in end-customer consulting

The customer-friendliness of the end-customer consulting for complex products by your installation partners does not meet your expectations, and the advantages of your products are not sufficiently emphasized. You create marketing materials with a lot of effort, but these do not reach the end customers through your installation partners or are outdated once they do. As a result, both you and the installation partners lose orders.

Partner program communication

You generate leads as part of your partner program and pass them on to your installation partners. After that, you are flying blind and, without actively asking, you no longer know whether your installation partner has really installed your products. In the worst case scenario, the end customers advised by your brand will turn to you and ask why they haven't heard from you, and your brand's image will suffer.

The solution

Your advantages with Eturnity's digital branded communication channel

We offer you a proven branded solution for the cost-effective establishment and operation of a digital communication channel to your installation partners as part of your installation partner program. This solves a major problem: the lack of time you and your installation partners currently face. Create a simple digital communication channel that allows a direct exchange of prices and availabilities with your installation partners. Provide your installation partners with a cost-effective quoting and planning software that saves more than 80% of time in customer consultation, system design and processing. This also relieves the burden of inquiries to your internal sales team. The installation partner can work completely in his planning program. You will inspire your installation partners and solve a real problem in a difficult phase of the market.

Even if nobody is really waiting for more leads in the current phase of the market, Eturnity's digital communication channel also offers the possibility to transfer leads completely digitally directly from your systems into the quoting and planning software of your installation partners. This increases mutual efficiency. You can see the project progress of the corresponding leads directly in your CRM in a GDPR-compatible manner. There is no need ask for updates on your side. Even more time saved!

The solution

Your advantages with Eturnity's digital branded communication channel


Quoting and planning software as a customer loyalty tool

Offer your installation partners a modern quoting and planning software that enables customer-friendly and efficient end-customer consulting with 80% time savings.


Relevant data always up to date

Have the most current data (individual prices, orders, availabilities, product data sheets and data statistics) regularly and directly into the planning program of the installation partners. Your installation partners will love you for it! Your installation partners will love you for it!


Control of component sales

Your installation partners can see the current product availabilities directly during the planning and offering process. This allows you to very directly influence the components that your installation partners sell.


Integration of your design tools

Do you offer your installation partners design tools for inverters, mounting systems or battery storage? These can be integrated directly into your installation partners' quoting and planning software via a digital interface. Like that, your dimensioning tools become even more attractive for your installation partners.


Access to the installation partners in the Eturnity network

The above functions are not only available to your own installation partners, but also to installation partners who already work with Eturnity software, if desired. Increase your reach!


Lead generation and management for your partner program

Generate cost-effective leads for your partner program and generate a pull effect from end customers for your products. Leads can be distributed automatically according to almost any criteria (e.g. zip code, partner volume, etc.). You will also receive important feedback directly into your CRM system after the handover.

The solution

Advantages for your installation partners at a glance


Highest efficiency

The quoting and planning software reduces the effort of the installation partner by more than 80%.


Always current prices and data

No more manual effort to constantly update prices and check availability during the offering stage.


Minimal layout effort

Your installation partners have the possibility to transmit planning data directly from the Eturnity quoting and planning software to the design tools for inverters, mounting systems or battery storage provided by you.


High customer friendliness

Thanks to the Eturnity quoting and planning software, which your installation partners receive with the digital communication channel, the customer-friendliness and the quality of the advice increases. This can increase conversion rates by up to 30%.


Process leads digitally

The leads that you assign to your installation partners via your partner program can be processed directly in the Eturnity quoting and planning software. Your installation partners are even more efficient this way.

Eturnity quoting and planning software

What is the Eturnity quoting and planning software for installation partners?

  • Eturnity offers with the quoting and planning software Eturnity Expert a possibility to support your installation partners in the preparation of offers, planning, simulation and execution of renewable energy systems.
  • The Eturnity Expert is optimised for use in photovoltaic systems, battery storage, e-mobility solutions and heating solutions. Of course, different technologies can also be combined in one consultation.
  • Eturnity Expert offers your installation partner direct digital access to your most up-to-date information such as prices, availabilities, marketing material and data sheets, directly in the quotation and planning programme.
  • The installation partner only needs one software for all his work related to the sale of renewable energy systems and you are present in this quoting and planning software with your data and products.
  • The quoting and planning software can be obtained from Eturnity as a full version by the trade partner or can be made available to the installation partners by you in a cost-effective version with certain limitations. For example, the available components are thus limited to the components in your portfolio.
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Questions about the digital communication channel and your installation partners

Frequently asked questions about the digital communication channel

1What software do my installation partners need to use the digital communication channel?
The most important functions of the digital communication channel to your installation partners are available if your installation partners have email and web browser. However, the life of your installation partners is simplified significantly if they also use the Eturnity quoting and planning software. At the same time, this enables further digitization, which also brings benefits to you. Eturnity therefore offers you and your installation partners cost-effective partner licenses within the digital communication channel, which you can make available to the installation partners, e.g. through your installation partner program.
2Can the digital communication channel be adapted to our CI/CD?
Of course! As with all Eturnity AG solutions, the digital communication channel can be customized to fit your CI/CD exactly.
3How much does the digital communication channel cost?
Eturnity's digital communication channel is a very cost-effective solution that can be set up very quickly. Please arrange individual consulting with us for an individual cost estimate.
4For which markets is the digital communication channel available?
Eturnity solutions are already available for almost all major markets in Europe (total 12 countries). Additional markets can also be unlocked with reasonable effort. Contact us regarding availability of specific markets.
5Can I limit the components available to installation partners within the digital communication channel?
Yes, it is possible! At the same time, you also have the advantage that the digital communication channel can, if you wish, be extended to installation partners who already use a stand-alone Eturnity solution. This increases your range.
6Can Eturnity's digital communication channel be used by installation partners as a price comparison service?
No, that is not possible. The digital communication channel is intended to digitalize the processes between you and your installation partners. In the process, price information is also transmitted and transferred directly into the quoting and planning software of the installation partner. However, a price comparison is not made any easier than when the installation partner obtains information from webshops of different suppliers.