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Your challenge

Increasing demand, more and more orders, with the same staff.

Increasing number of requests for quotations

Climate goals, rising energy prices, the need for modernization and the desire for independence are causing demand to explode. You can no longer keep up with the high demand. End customers often submit incomplete quote requests to you, resulting in time-consuming queries on your part.

Changing prices and availabilities

Data becomes outdated quickly, the fluctuating prices, availabilities or even outdated product data sheets lead to many discussions with your suppliers and all project participants. All of these adjustments result in a lot of your valuable time being lost.

Not enough qualified personnel

There are a lot of requests, but you don't have the skilled workers to handle all the projects from sales processing to installation. As a result, an often unchanging staff has to keep up with the growing number of requests.

Growing team

If you find skilled personnel, they will need to be trained in the ways of working that are still too complex. D Data is not exchanged via a central office and the communication channels leak important information and are slow to boot.

Requests for e-mobility and heating

Sector coupling is on everyone's lips, especially in the wake of customers' desire to become self-sufficient. More and more often, different technologies are combined within one project. With traditional project and sales processes, this is a very time-consuming task.


Our software solutions for PV systems, heating and e-mobility promise more efficiency and enormous time savings


Project design and sales with the most comprehensive PV software for Europe

Handle the entire sales process with the Eturnity Solar Expert: quick design, cost and margin calculation, and customer-friendly presentations to support the sales pitch. The consultation starts with the Solar Calculator directly embedded on your website


Simulation and sale of heating and hot water systems

Eturnity Calculator and Expert are also available for the heating sector. Easily combine various system components of a heating and hot water system, including solar thermal collectors, simple and smart thermal storage tanks, and heaters.


Configure an e-charging station in just a few minutes

Wow! Wow! More than 137,000 electric cars were on German roads in 2020 alone. Our configurator for e-charging stations picks up on this trend and configures the e-mobility system of your clientele by means of short questionnaires directly via the webtool. A big plus in terms of customer service.


Electronic signature

Save valuable time by sending electronically signable quotes. Once the offer is signed, they will receive a reminder.


CRM for solar sector

We focus on resubmission and follow-up management, so that customers feel they are receiving top advice from you despite the high number of inquiries.

“ I constantly receive feedback from customers about how outstandingly better, more understandable and cleaner our offer looks compared to the competition.
These statements are also not exceptions, but the rule, i.e. 8 out of 10 female customers confirm exactly that to us. By choosing Eturnity, we did something very right. ”

René Chevalier, BAU-KO SOLAR GmbH & Co. KG
Our customers

We are happy if your customers are happy too

This statement from BAU-KO SOLAR GmbH & Co. KG was one we were particularly pleased with, as it confirmed that we are also picking up your end customers with our solutions. With effects on the quaility of your closing rates and the number of returning customers.

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