Eturnity & H2X Engineering

From Lead to Sale: Simplifying the Heat Pump Sales Process

Streamline your workflow from qualification to customer-friendly quotations

H2X & Eturnity Collaboration for Installers

Why This Partnership Rocks

Endless paperwork, inaccurate estimates, and time-consuming processes can hinder the sale of heat pumps. Introducing Eturnity and H2X Engineering, the dynamic duo poised to optimise your workflow. Together, we offer a streamlined, efficient approach to heating solutions, specifically designed for installers like you. Here’s how our partnership works and why it’s a game-changer.

Step 1

Qualifying Your Leads with Ease

Wondering how to distinguish serious buyers from the window shoppers? Eturnity’s heating calculator has you covered. When a potential customer visits your website or gives you a call, you can quickly assess the viability of the lead. Use the calculator to pick the house, enter all current heating and contact details, and generate a quote in just a hand full of clicks. No more guesswork – just high-quality leads that are ready to go.

Step 2

The Site Survey

After identifying a solid lead, it’s time for an in-depth look at the house. Schedule a full house survey to gather all necessary data on-site and sit down with your customer.

Step 3

Enter H2X Engineering, the Tech Wizardry

Here’s where it gets exciting. Log into H2X and input the survey information. H2X enables you to create detailed floorplans and various MCS-aligned technical documents. The platform generates everything you need: heat-loss calculations, accurate heat pump sizing, a comprehensive Bill of Materials (BOM), and more.

Step 4

Seamless Integration for Strong Quotations

Take the BOM and all other documents from H2X and integrate them into your Eturnity Expert. Eturnity then transforms the technical details into a customer-friendly quotation, including pricing, energy consumption estimates and CO2 savings, making your offer irresistible.

Step 5

Present, Impress, and Sell

With a polished, professional quotation in hand, you’re ready to wow your customer. This streamlined process means fewer drop-offs and more closed deals. By simplifying each step, Eturnity and H2X help you go from lead to sale faster than ever before.

From Lead to Sale

The Power of Partnership

We understand the traditional heat pump project is cumbersome. Multiple tools, piles of paperwork, and wasted time often weaken the customer experience. Eturnity and H2X intend to change that. This powerhouse partnership combines Eturnity’s lead qualification and customer-friendly quotes with H2X’s detailed technical assessments. We’re streamlining the installer workflow and ensure output that keeps the sales process moving forward. 

Experience the Future of Heating Solutions

Our collaboration simplifies every step, from lead qualification to customer-friendly quotations, empowering installers for success.